Soccer Tryouts, Thank You Cards and Commencement

Here is a look at five things you might be interested in today, Monday, June 18.

1. After such a beautiful weekend, today will start out a bit cloudy but the sun will gradually reappear as the day progresses, according to the National Weather Service.

Expect the temperature to be in the mid-70s during the day and dip into the high 50s overnight.

2. No more pencils, no more books... today is the last day of school in East Windsor! After 180 days in the classroom summer vacation has arrived.

For the Class of 2012, those students will have to wait a few more days to officially be "done" with school because commencement is scheduled for Friday.

3. With so many graduation parties, end of school year parties and weddings going on at this time a year it means the potential for a lot of thank you notes.

How do you let others know that you appreciate their gifts or thoughts? Do you shoot them an email? Send them a text? How about an old fashioned Thank You card?

That's What She Said columnist Cami Beiter writes today about the and how nice it is to occasionally receive one after giving a thoughtful gift.

"It’s not old-fashioned. It’s what is right," she says.

4. It's been a couple of weeks since we asked you to weigh in on your favorite service, restaurant, or park in East Windsor and Windsor Locks. Well, the opportunity is back!

Patch has revised its Readers' Choice process and is launching a new system today to . Over the next few weeks we're asking you to nominate your favorite coffee shop, dry cleaner and jewelry story, among several others.

Help us, and your neighbors, get to know what you think is the best in this area.

5. If your child loves to play soccer and is interested in playing throughout the summer you might want to bring him or her down to this week.

this week for the Hartford and Tolland counties Premier Soccer clubs.


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