Is The Country Fair Melting in the Heat?

This sizzling summer is taking a toll on the home-grown country fair.


August and the waning summer days typically bring a surge of country fairs across the state and the country, but this summer's sweltering heat might be wilting the spirits of those who attend and participate in them.

A New York Times report this weekend questions whether the record-breaking heat across the country is taking its toll on the traditional summer fairs that celebrate farm life.

Across the country's corn belt --- the midwest --- a drought has shriveled corn and other crops and appears to even be melting the enthusiasm for the country fair.

In Connecticut, fair season generally kicks off in August and continues through October. You can view a schedule of fairs on the Association of Connecticut Fairs' website.

The National Weather Service has deemed this summer's drought the worst in  50 years and Connecticut was not spared from this summer's hot blast. In June, the first heat wave hit the state, casting a pall on high school graduations that saw some guests at outdoor graduations rushed to the hospital after being overcome by the heat.


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