First Days of School in East Windsor Go Well

Superintendent of Schools Theresa M. Kane gave a report to the East Windsor Board of Education about the opening day of school.


The first days of the 2012-13 academic year have gone well, Superintendent of Schools Theresa M. Kane told the East Windsor Board of Education Wednesday.

“We had a very successful opening to schools,” Kane said.

The schools saw very few problems with a new point of sale system in which students use cards, prepaid by their parents, to buy their lunches. Kane said students are enthralled by using the cards.

“The middle school students call them their credit cards,” Kane said.

The student population on September 2 was 1,265 compared to 1,286 on the final day of school last year. Kane said the population has remained relatively stable, however the kindergarten classes are reaching 21 to 22 students per room.

Kane said the school system started the school year with all of the need faculty positions filled. She said she plans to meet with the new teachers in the next two weeks.

“It’s really important for me to hear what they see in our district,” Kane said. “They come in with fresh eyes.”

Food service has seen changes for the new school year to comply with the national guidelines, Kane said.

“The goodies are gone,” she added.

Board member Kathleen Bilodeau said she’s heard of some students not being happy with the healthier menus.

“I think we have a challenge keeping the lunches healthy and delicious,” Bilodeau said.

The schools are having open houses, East Windsor High School’s is Thursday, Broad Brook Elementary School’s is September 19, and East Windsor Middle School’s is on September 20, Kane said.


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