Frankenstein’s Monster Was Only a Monster in Society's Eyes (Ignorance Kills)

Ignorance kills and society creates monsters that do not exist. This is an interview with Sandy Jenkins, a transgendered career woman who has overcome great odds to be where she is today.

In October of 1998, a homosexual man named Matthew Sheppard was murdered because of two ignorant individuals did not agree with who he chose to be or love. We have had too many cases where people have been hurt or killed for what they believe in.

In my opinion, violence is only needed when defending oneself, not preying on the innocent. I compare it to people being afraid of swimming in the ocean; you can’t see what’s underneath, so people automatically assume the worst. Metaphorically, people are afraid of getting attacked by sharks. Part of it is people’s ignorance and laziness to gain knowledge on a person or a subject matter. And when I say “to gain knowledge,” I mean that they take it and use it for understanding what is around them, and not acting before they think. The very fact that we can’t discuss religion or politics stops any type of mental growth. But there are exceptions, especially if the individual that you are talking to is open minded and is educated on the subject matter.

You should be encouraged to discuss these so called forbidden topics. Society and much of social media make a huge deal out of nothing. I posted a story not too long ago about a wrestling legend that was against animal cruelty. Former WWE champion Princess Victoria was doing a good thing with her celebrity status. I got crucified all because she was a pro wrestler an athlete who was at the time one of the best. I break it down to someone who took great care of themselves and cared about others, especially animals. And she received snide, low blow remarks. Shame on anyone who commented in a negative way! The main topic was to help raise awareness to cruelty that is often done to animals. This is a good example of something I like to call selective viewing/hearing. My definition for it is people only want to see and hear what they want, and what they want is usually negative or to create negative.

Therefore, I took the time to interview someone who is also another real success story and I am proud to call her my friend. And if anyone has a problem with who she is, or the way she lives her life, then you have more problems than you think - especially if you’re more worried on how someone else lives. Sandy Jenkins is her name and she was born a man but is transitioning to become a woman. She grew up in a strict “closed-minded” religious household, and when she was younger she, had a difficult time fitting in. Like Frankenstein’s monster, she was wrongfully persecuted, and in society’s eyes, she was a monster. In God’s eyes and in a normal, open-minded person’s eyes, there was nothing wrong with her. And I am sure I am going to get slammed because I mentioned God, but my theory is God created a person and it is not doing anything evil or wrong to others. Whatever it is, he created one of God’s children. Sandy is one of God’s children. If anyone does not believe in this, I do apologize if I offended, but this is my opinion.

Sandy had to overcome great hardship and diversity to become who she is today. She was tormented by kids in high school, and she dropped out at a very young age.

“After year off of school and realizing I had no choice but to make a different choice... I moved out of my parents’ house,” said Sandy. “I took a chance and went to Job Corps. The situation in my head was I was a failure with life, school, home, everything. At Job Corps, someone said you can do anything you put your mind to. I would watch dropouts, people on parole, and people who lived on the streets become somewhat successful, and thought if they can do it so can I. I came to the realization that I was the same as them and could do it as well.”

She went to college and received a bachelor’s degree and is professionally a success - she is the develop manager for nine websites which represent 24
magazines. She is almost complete with her transition into her new body, and she is sensational as a person.

Some great advice she ended with was, “Really, the only thing you can do is find people that love and accept you for who you are, and if you believe in yourself anything is possible.”

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Danny Donahue Rescue 9-11 June 11, 2012 at 04:04 AM
not a problem I just hope people can learn to love


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