Former WWE Champion Princess Victoria is for Animal Rights and Against Animal Abuse

Former WWE Champion Princess Victoria takes a stand on animal abuse and shares her feelings toward it as she mentions some of the highlights of her career.

Back in the early 80s when pro wrestling itself was more dignified then it is today, great athletes such as Rick Flair, Bob Backlund, Ricky Steamboat, and Harley Race would demonstrate great athletic feats in the square circle. Also during that era in the early 1980s, women’s wrestling was at its peak in regards to talent and athletic ability. A few examples of the female superstars that set the standard of excellence in the ring were Leilani Kai, Sherri Martel, Candi Devine, Judy Martin, Joyce Grable, Sabrina Velvet McIntyre, Sabrina, and Princess Victoria.

Princess Victoria was billed from Vancouver B.C., and she is part of the Sammanish tribe, which is one of thirteen tribes of the Iroquois Nation. Princess Victoria was trained by Sandy Barr, and had many legendary singles and tag matches with various female wrestlers, and was known to be a great grappler both inside and outside the ring. She was so great that she won the NWA women’s world tag team championship twice and the WWE women’s world tag team Championship one time with Velvet McIntyre. Her career was launching like a rocket until a career ending injury in 1984 forced her to retire from wrestling. But prior to wrestling, and as a part of her Native American heritage, she has always stood up for animal rights.

Question and Answer with Princess Victoria

Q: What do you feel about justice in regards to punishment and animal abuse?

PV: “There is no justice... People who abuse animals are given a slap on the hand. Yet it is a proven scientific fact that those who abuse animals will move on to abuse and kill humans. They torture and kill animals for practice on their bigger target as there is no criminal punishment that they have to face for this.”

Q: Why are people against pit bulls and what are the real facts in your opinion?

PV:  “Bad advertisement and most of all, THE MEDIA... I have posted many times on my site a picture of
50 dogs... No one including myself correctly identified the Pitt on the first pick... So you have 49 dogs out there creating havoc that Pitts are getting blamed for. Can you imagine having 49 lookalikes out there committing crimes and you get all the blame????.”

Q: How do you feel about Mike Vick still playing football?

 PV: Pete Rose was black balled for life from Baseball for betting on "His team to win!" This guy is still playing why? He picked up a dog time and time again and slammed it to the pavement until it was dead! He shot dogs... Electrocuted them!!!! He fought many dogs to their death. He starved these dogs and used stolen dogs for bait dogs and he is playing football after having done time in prison!!!!! Come on!!!!!.... Our children only have scum like this to look up to now and we wonder why they do the things they do. I refuse to watch football now and or sponsor it in any way because of Michael Vick... I am appalled!”

Q: How did your fondness of animals begin?

 PV: “From birth... Never ever remember not trying to give an animal a good home... All of my animals have lived with me their entire lives and God has blessed me with most living 14+ years. There is a special place in my heart for animals.”

 Q: Who were your greatest influences in wrestling?

PV: “My influences... Well of course Mr. Jimmy Snuka... Sandy Barr... I got into wrestling because I was a fan... I loved Wrestling!!!!... Sandy Barr made me work my tail off to get in and I will always love him for this!”

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