What Properties Sold In The Area Recently

A list of property transfers recorded in local town hall offices. A property sold for $342,000.


East Windsor

294 South Main St. #15, $22,000
Buyers: Gaudencio and Jessica Jacques
Seller: Donald Arsenault

2 Hayfield Lane, $342,000
Buyers: Daniel and Amy C. Rock
Seller: Matthew W. Grenier

2 Joseph Court, $140,000
Buyer: Tony A. Rakich
Seller: Kelly M. Zurawski

75 Abbe Road, $215,000
Buyers: Stephen M. O’Brien and Carisa M. Carabase
Sellers: Kenneth E. and Kimberly A. Ray

35 Church Street, $131,289.75
Buyer: Everhome Mortgage Company
Seller: Kenneth Johnson by David A. Rudolph, foreclosure committee


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