What Properties Sold In East Windsor and Windsor Locks Recently

A list of property transactions filed in the records of Windsor Locks and East Windsor town halls.


East Windsor

372 Scantic Road #7, $20,000
Buyer: Mary Ann Colangelo
Sellers: Crystal Schuetz and Myron Dolloff

227, 277R and 229 South Main Street, $155,000
Buyers: John and Dawn Galinski
Seller: Raymond Smith

5 Oakwood Drive, $245,000
Buyer: Phonepraseuth Chandeng
Seller: Robert A. Vijil

5 Maple Street, $175,000
Buyer: Muhammad Abbas
Seller: Daniel R. and Lisa M. Slater

1 Pleasant Street, $190,000
Buyer: Francisco and Petva Ceballos
Seller: Bruce J. Vincent

43 Bridge Street, $112,489.89
Buyer: U.S. Bank National Association as trustee for Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust
Seller: Noel A. Grant

Windsor Locks

28 Szepanski Road, $315,000
Buyers: Deven O. Daley and Maralee Kelly
Sellers: Brian F. and Marilyn Kelly

81 South Street, $215,000
Buyer: Ghassan Rayyashi
Seller: Tina A. Brough

3 Dibble Hollow, $153,000
Buyer: James G. Hicks Sr.
Seller: Doris B. Wood

20-22 Fairview Street, $178,000
Buyer: Anthony Monaco
Seller: Joseph E. Sweeney, Trustee of the Joseph E. Sweeney Living Trust

101 Oak Ridge Drive, $140,000
Buyer: Twinkle Patel
Seller: Michelle S. Pivin

238 Old County Road, $165,000
Buyer: Joseph R. Brown
Sellers: Robert E. Sienkienwicz and Michael W. Sienkienwicz

7B4 Concorde Way, $107,000
Buyer: Shauna L. Buckley
Seller: Aubrey A. Waynelovich

584 North Street, $504,000
Buyer: John S. Barberino
Seller: Darcey J. Sutula-Parker

355 Ella T. Grasso Turnpike, $154,000
Buyer: John S. Barberino
Seller: Darcey J. Sutula-Parker

354 Ella T. Grasso Turnpike, $463,000
Buyer: John S. Barberino
Seller: Darcey J. Sutula-Parker

7 Olive Street, $45,000
Buyer: Lorraine Barberino
Seller: Roberta C. Fletcher

85 North Street, $107,000
Buyers: Holly L. and Linda L. Roberts
Seller: Elsie C. Locke, executrix for Gertrude Greer

314 S. Center Street, $289,900
Buyers: Jessica and Daniel Sperg
Sellers: Anthony and Jessica Liquore


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