Inland Wetlands Hearing Wednesday on Luxury Apartment Complex Proposed for East Windsor

The 480-unit complex along Route 5 and Phelps Road will be discussed at an upcoming inland wetlands commission meeting.


The East Windsor Inland Wetlands Watercourse Agency is scheduled to resume a public hearing Wednesday at on a proposal for an apartment complex at Phelps Road and Main Street.

Gardner Chapman is proposing a 480-unit luxury apartment complex on more than 100 acres located on what is now primarily agricultural property with frontage along the two state roads (Rtes. 5 and 191). In April, the project received the necessary zoning text amendments and it is now before the town’s wetlands commission.

The project, which will be built on property currently owned by Helen Maciolek, Titus Realty, and Estate of Pauline Putriment, located at 111 and 115 S. Main St. and 49 Phelps Rd., includes three phases of construction and an elaborate drainage plan.

At 7 p.m., Wednesday the applicant could present more information regarding two species of animals found on the property, the northern leopard frog and the Horace’s Duskywing Butterfly; clarify on the drainage plan; and address concerns raised by some Phelps Road residents at the opening of the hearing on June 6. The hearing was postponed for the July meeting

The project will be built in , with the first two being completed in an area that has primarily been used for growing row crops. The development includes an entrance on Route 5 across from Winton Road, which would create a 4-way intersection. To prepare the property for the work, three existing homes will be razed along with multiple tobacco sheds and garages.

If the wetlands agency approves Chapman's application, the developer must still secure permits from the State Traffic Commission and the town planning and zoning commission.


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