First Selectman Wawruck to Seek Fifth Term

Wawruck has served as Windsor Locks' first selectman since 2005.

Windsor Locks First Selectman Steve Wawruck has announced that he'll seek re-election in November. He'll be running for his fifth term in office.

The first selectman made the announcement Wednesday evening before the Democratic town committee.

According to a statement released Thursday, Wawruck expressed the need to continue working toward the revitalization of Main Street.

Wawruck also announced that former First Selectman Edward Ferrari will be his running mate.

Ferrari was first selectman in Windsor Locks from 1989-93 and again from 1999-2003.

"I've always looked up to Eddie as a mentor. I was honored when he told me he would run with me," said Wawruck, who also said he wanted "to take back to offices lost" in the last election.

"Eddie brings a wealth of knowledge and energy to the ticket. I look forward to having a partner who will help get projects to the finish line, the restoration of the Historic Train Station, returning the current train platform to the center of town, improving the quality of life for our residents, with the rebirth of our Main Street.

Wawruck beat Republican-challenger Dennis Gragnolati in the 2011 municipal election by a narrow margin of 178 votes. 

WL Community March 01, 2013 at 02:15 AM
Sure...and while your at it...why not have Gragnolati step down from PC because he's a Selectman (or reverse) and have Storms resign as Town Attorney because it's a conflict of interest that he's on BOE.
Janet Ramsay March 01, 2013 at 02:32 AM
Ed has always been a town loving official and a man of his word. If he runs, he serves. Who in their right mind would run , win and quit. What fools consider this a strategy? Vote for who you trust as will the rest of us. Steve and Ed will always have my vote. Keep muddying the water, and the rest of the town can make the better choice, too.
Kevin Brace March 01, 2013 at 02:35 AM
Phil and Jason, I have no current plans to run or become a Selectman. I enjoy being a Police Commissioner working with Chief Osanitsch, the Men & Women of the Windsor Locks Police Department, and the Commission, for the Residents of WL. I know Steve Wawruck and Ed Ferrari will do a fantastic job for the residents of Windsor Locks. Hope this puts your concerns to rest.
Jason Smith March 01, 2013 at 02:57 AM
Here's the thing. Dennis should resign from one board. Storms should step down as town attorney or from the board of ed. I'm not sure how they're even relevant to any of this, but whatever. I actually like Steve (I like the attitude he has: wanting to get things done, and plowing through people that get in the way) and plan on voting for him unless the Republicans can come up with someone new and fresh ideas. But I think the voters deserve to know this isn't a bait and switch.
Janet Ramsay March 01, 2013 at 08:37 AM
If more people would volunteer to serve on Boards and Commissions, rather than sit on sidelines floating conspiracy theories, the good people who do wouldn't need to serve on more than 1 Board or Commission. More than Scott and Dennis do this, for the good of the town. This isn't Washington, it's Windsor Locks, they don't get paid. Please, call your town committee party head and volunteer.


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