East Windsor Votes Today on Budget for Third, Last Time

Polls will be open from noon to 8 p.m. for taxpayers to decide the fate of the proposed $33.9 million municipal budget.

East Windsor school and government officials are hoping that the third time is a charm for the proposed 2012-13 municipal budget.

The proposed $33.9 million municipal budget represents a 1.97 percent increase in funding when compared with the previous year, according to the town's budget breakdown on its website.

The budget includes $13.73 million for the general government, which includes town services, the debt service and capital improvements, and represents a slight decrease when compared with 2011-12 spending. The decrease is primarily taken from the debt service and capital improvement portions of the budget.

The school board is proposed to receive $20.17 million, which represents an increase of 3.39 percent when compared with the current year.

If the budget is approved it would require a tax rate of 24.72 mils, an increase of 0.35 mils compared to the current year.

If the budget is defeated today it will be the last time taxpayers have an opportunity to vote on the 2012-13 proposal. According to a provision in the town charter after three failed referendum votes town officials must take the current year’s budget (the 2011-12 budget) and increase it by 2 percent across the board. That default amount will be considered the approved budget under the charter.

Polling Locations:

District No. 1 – Town Hall Annex, 25 School St., East Windsor
District No. 2 – Town Hall, 11 Rye St., Broad Brook


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