East Windsor Tax Collector Streamlining Office

Kimberly Lord said the work of the full-time assistant collector can be handled by part-time cashiers and computerization.


The East Windsor Tax Collector has streamlined her office by eliminating a full-time assistant collector position.

Kimberly Lord told the board of selectmen at its Tuesday meeting that two part-time cashier positions will be enough help to handle the work of the office. Lord said much of the eliminated position’s work has been reduced through computerization.

Lord said the move will save the town $30,000 in salary and S24,000 in benefits. She said the part-time cashiers will be able help her handle the busiest times of the year in July and January.

Lord said she feels she has to make sure she is running the office in the most efficient way for taxpayers.

“I’ve really put a lot of thought into this,” Lord said.

In her report to the board of selectmen, Lord also said he office has collected $13.2 million in July. The amount is $1.5 million than last year.

Lord said she has collected about $591,000 in back taxes by trying to work with the people who owe money through giving them extensions and other methods.

She has turned over 47 accounts to a collection agency which has cleared 16 of the accounts so far and brought in $215,000 in back taxes.

Selectmen said they were happy to see the office collecting the amount of taxes it is while being streamlined.

First Selectwoman Denise E. Menard said Lord also handles well the difficult part of dealing with people who are upset about owing back taxes. At times she has to be tough she is able to work with people who owe the town money.

“Kim really has a way of  working with taxpayers and getting the results we need,” Menard said.

Judith B. Rajala August 10, 2012 at 06:38 PM
I'm confused. Doesn't the Town (and BOE) spent months assessing their department budgets and "streamling" where they can, then make their budget requests to the boards, then gather public input, then finalize a budget that moves forward to referendum that the townspeople vote on? And if the budget referendum fails, they make cuts (when THIS should have been done) and present it for yet another vote until finally we have an approved 2012-2013 budget? And didn't we do exactly that already? So why has the Town fired their $15 per hour tech, authorized an expensive new one year tech consultant to replace him and now "streamlined" the tax collector's office saving ~$54,000 -- all shortly AFTER the people of East Windsor approved the 2012-2013 budget? Deceit and mismanagement are two words that spring to mind!
don September 06, 2012 at 03:14 PM
The "$15 per hour tech" is your husband. You should disclose that.


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