Donovan Ad Addresses Campaign Controversy

This is the first time Chris Donovan has addressed the issue in a campaign ad.

Fifth District

Chris Donovan (D): Donovan has a new televison ad out, which finally speaks to the arrests of two of his campaign aides, reports the Connecticut Mirror. It is Donovan's first use of paid media to address the scandal. In it, Donovan seeks to distance himself from the campaign workers and others who were arrested in the ongoing political scandal and touts his record of helping others. He says the scandal represents "everything that's wrong" with politics and is exactly the kind of thing he's fought against during his political career.

Andrew Roraback (R): The Hartford Courant has endorsed Roraback for Connecticut's Fifth Congressional District primary.

Second District

Joseph Courtney (D): Courtney is lauding a $568,150 multi-agency federal grant issued to the Wholesome Wave's Healthy Food Commerce as a boon to southeastern Connecticut farmers. Wholesome Wave helps the operations of the FRESH store in downtown New London, which sells locally sourced and fresh foods. “This targeted, competitively-secured investment will put fresh, locally-grown foods onto more tables, and will provide a boost to eastern Connecticut farmers,” Courtney said. “By increasing access to financing and business assistance, this funding will help farmers grow their small businesses, secure their futures, and, in the long run, protect jobs here at home.”

Daria Novak (R): In a Facebook posting earlier today, Novak lauded efforts by consumers supporting Chick-fil-A in the ongoing controversy surrounding the company's owner's anti-gay marriage stand. "Chicken Fil A experienced a world record sales day yesterday," Novak wrote. "Now the head of Wendy's is jumping on board and supporting Chicken Fil A. We CAN vote with our pocketbooks. People who may not be interested in campaigning in the traditional sense yesterday gave a 'big chicken finger to Obama and the Democrats' for trying to take away our religious freedom!"


Chris Murphy (D): In response to Susan Bysiewicz defending her television ad accusing Murphy of accepting more contributions from Wall Street than any other Demcoratic candidate, Murphy criticized his Democratic rival's campaign ethics, . 

"I've never seen a candidate intentionally and willfully lie over and over again after she's been called to the carpet for it...The increasingly clear difference between Susan Bysiewicz and I is that she's wiling to say and do anything in order to get elected and ultimately I think voters are seeing that clearer than they're seeing any attack she's lobbing at me," he said. 

Linda McMahon (R): McMahon has received the most personal attacks going into the primary, according to Fox News. They say that the jabs at her wealth and political skills have been even worse than during the 2010 campaign. 

Third District

After Wayne Winsley (R) watched Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D) speak at Quest Athletic and Physicians Physical Therapy, he released a statement comparing her to "Oliver Twist's" Artful Dodger.

"This week, I observed Incumbent Rosa DeLauro in front of a group of senior citizens in West Haven. As I watched her demeanor — and listened closely to what she chose to say — what came to mind was the character from Charles Dickens' 'Oliver Twist'... the Artful Dodger," he said. 

The statement then goes on to criticize her discussion of topics like social security and freedom of religion. 

Fourth District 

Jim Himes (D): Himes announced that he will be holding an information session, "Medicare & My Parents," on August 8 from 6:30-8 p.m. at . Representatives from the Southwest Connecticut Agency on Aging, the Social Security Administration and Medicare will explain the services they offer and how to help parents with their transitions into Medicare. 

Steve Obsitnik (R): Obsitnik posted pictures on his Facebook page of the at the Stamford Government Center

"Brian paid the ultimate sacrifice on August 6, 2011 when Taliban insurgents shot down the helicopter Brian, along with 29 other Americans and eight Afghans, were riding in...Brian has set an example for many to follow and this country is forever grateful for his sacrifice," he commented.

Spiff August 03, 2012 at 03:22 PM
After what Donovan was involved in, anyone who votes for him is as corrupt as he is!


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