Davis Looking Forward to Continuing to Serve

The Republican incumbent defeated Democratic challenger Jason Bowsza, who says he is "disappointed but not discouraged."

In the battle between East Windsor natives for the 57th House District seat, it was Republican Christopher Davis who came away victorious.

The incumbent defeated Democratic challenger Jason Bowsza by a margin of 593 votes. The last time Davis was elected, it was only by 88 votes so this was a little less nerve-racking for him.

Davis is looking forward to serving for another two years and doing his best to do what is best for the residents in his district and in the state.

“I’m definitely very grateful and humbled by the support that I received from the people in East Windsor and Ellington,” he said. “I’m very thankful that they’ve decided to send me back to Hartford for two more years.”

Davis said that he will continue reaching out to the community, and looks forward to hosting a town hall meeting at beginning of session so people can tell him what they want the legislature to accomplish in this session.

He said he will also continue doing business tours so that he can hear from business leaders on what needs to be done in order to get the people in the district back to work and get the economy going in the state.

“The most important part is to listen to people you’re representing – to reach out to them and keep them involved in the process,” he said.

Bowsza obviously wishes that the outcome of the election was different, but says that he’s disappointed but not discouraged, and that he has no regrets. He gave thanks to a team of people who gave as much as they could to the cause.

“We did everything that we could to run the best campaign that we could and I’m really, really proud of that,” he said. “So many people gave so much to what we were trying to do that I’m one hell of a lucky guy. I met a ton of people throughout this campaign and learned a lot about the places where we live, and I learned a lot about myself and I learned a lot about what I think people are looking for. It was awesome.”

According to Bowsza, he did better in Ellington – particularly the Crystal Lake district – than he expected and he won East Windsor.

“That’s a long way from starting from scratch in a town where nobody knew who I was to leaving a foundation and having something to look back on and say I’m going to be proud of that forever,” he said.

Bowsza said that he called Davis to congratulate him and that he sincerely meant it. He said that Davis graciously accepted the congratulations.

“I hope that he does some good things in the next two years and that it’s in all our neighbors’ best interests,” he said. “I certainly hope that the next two years are good for him.”

He added that his hope is that everyone who was elected yesterday will be willing to reach across the aisle and work in a more bipartisan way, finding common ground solutions that will benefit everybody.

“That’s what I’m hoping will come out of yesterday,” Bowsza said.

Both candidates are young – Davis is 26 and Bowsza is 30 – and Davis feels it is a great thing for the district to have young men – and women – involved in politics.

“I think it’s a sign that the future can be bright here in Connecticut and in our district if we stick to our principles and try to do what’s best for everyone involved,” Davis said.


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