Suffield Woman Sentenced in Fatal Drunk Driving Accident

Amanda Conway, a Suffield resident, will spend 13 months in prison.

A Suffield woman was sentenced to a year and a month in jail because of her responsibility for a fatal car accident on August 2010.

Amanda Conway was driving the car that spun out of control and collided with a tractor-trailer near I-91 in Enfield, causing the death of Conway’s passenger Alexa Crosby and injuries to passenger Ann Bauchiero. Conway will serve 13 months of a 5-year prison sentence before that sentence is suspended, followed by five years of probation, according to a clerk at the Enfield Superior Court.

Conway entered a no-contest plea on May 3, 2012 and sentencing took place today.

Conway admitted to being the driver to police that responded to the scene of the accident on August 25, 2010.  She was severely distraught after the accident, according to the original warrant for the case. That warrant also stated Conway's blood alcohol concentration was .065, more than three times the legal limit for people under the age of 21. An open bottle of vodka was found in Conway's car following the accident.

Conway, Bauchiero and Crosby had been together in the hours before the fatal accident. The warrant included statements from witnesses that Conway and Bauchiero had been seen drinking, while Crosby had not.

Amanda Conway is the daughter of Matthew Conway, the former Democratic State Representative for Suffield and parts of East Granby and Windsor in the General Assembly.

chris August 16, 2012 at 08:10 PM
I agree. What is so different about what she did and what the police officer did when he was drinking at a bar in Suffield ,left, drove his vehicle, hit and then tragically killed that boy in Windsor Locks. Nothing! Seems to me like this sentence was pretty light. Wrong is wrong. Unfortunately the one who was killed was the only victim here. Not Amanda.
Jeff August 16, 2012 at 08:12 PM
A police officer should be held to a much higher standard in sentencing. Furthermore, there's the coverup after the incident...
chris August 16, 2012 at 08:21 PM
Well said. This is the reason I took my kids and left Suffield. Spoiled rich brats whose parents give them anything and let them get away with too much. I saw way to much going on while at the Country Club. No thanks. I think Lee Ann's point is correct. This is a relevant community discussion. And we as parents need to be more open to our children. If I ever felt either of my children were drinking and driving, than they would never get the keys to my vehicle. Enough said. We are supposed to be parents, not friends to our children. I am wondering why the parents who allowed this party at their house have not been criminally charged. Are they politically connected too?
chris August 16, 2012 at 08:31 PM
Amanda should have thought about this before drinking and driving. I do not feel for her because she made a stupid life altering mistake. I do feel for the real victims in the car. Ann and Alexa. Amanda can start her College education in prison. She at least has an opportunity to succeed.
Amber's Angel's November 20, 2012 at 04:02 AM
Why is there always more compassion for the offender than the victim or the surviving family? While in custody the drunk that took my daughters life gets phone calls, letters, visits and even access to Facebook. My family visits a grave, we get bills instead of letters and the calls are updates about court. Do you know what his fine was, seventy yes 70 dollars! The time he will spend "maybe " 2 years. I invite you to listen to a VIS my VIS, try to imagine being the mother of a child that was killed by another's choices. Then if you think it's a waste of tax dollars fro inmates to have access to Facebook please sign the petition . I hope you are never in my shoes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0xHiQujLns&feature=relmfu VIS http://www.causes.com/causes/801269-no-facebook-access-to-in-custody-felons/actions/1703040 petition


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