Blizzard Conditions Cause Cancellations at Bradley, UConn

Due to high winds and falling snow, many flights out of Bradley have been canceled. The first day of winter intersession classes at the University of Connecticut's Storrs campus have also been canceled.

Due to inclement weather, more than 20 flights out of  have been cancelled.

The majority of flights to the mid-west and southern states have been cancelled as visibility, reported an hour ago by Bradley to be 1 mile, is steadily declining.

The state has issued a blizzard warning, meaning a combination of heavy snow and high winds will likely bring visibility down to zero.

Winds are expected to gust as high as 47 miles per hour tonight, likely making flight conditions worse, and jeopardizing plans to depart or arrive at Bradley.

Follow this link for contact information and to check travel plans at Bradley Airport with individual airlines.

The University of Connecticut also announced Sunday afternoon that the first day of winter intersession classes at the Storrs campus are canceled. Intersession classes are expected to resume on Tuesday, Dec. 28 as scheduled.

Blowing and drifting snow during the day on Monday is expected to continue to have a moderate impact on the afternoon rush hour. .

Check back for updates about the storm on the Connecticut Department of Emergency Management website and on Patch.com.


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