$80,000 Worth of Illegal Drugs Seized in Windsor Locks Investigation

Evidence of a drug factory was found in the Windsor Locks home, police said.

Credit: Patch File Photo
Credit: Patch File Photo

Windsor Locks resident Michael Rancourt, 30, of 66-A Elm Corners, was arrested and charged with numerous felony drug-related offenses after police concluded an investigation of illegal drug trafficking in town.

Police seized a total of $140,000 in confiscated evidence — $80,000 worth of illegal drugs according to estimated street value and an estimated $60,000 in seized funds.

“Detectives and patrol officers worked around the clock during the course of this investigation and displayed a fine example of the department’s commitment to aggressively pursue illegal drug sales and trafficking within the town of Windsor Locks,” Chief E. Osanitsch stated in a Monday, March 31, press release. “These seizures represent mid-level drug dealing within our town and we will use every available resource to combat it.”

On March 26, the Windsor Locks Police Department Criminal Investigation Division, in collaboration with the Drug Enforcement Agency Task Force, developed information regarding illegal drug trafficking involving a resident of Windsor Locks.

The First Investigation

The investigation culminated at 66-A Elm Corners, where a search of the premises led to the discovery and seizure of approximately 7.5 pounds of marijuana, 1.12 ounces of cocaine, 187 prescription pills, including codeine and oxycodone, and approximately $60,000 cash, according to a report released today, Monday, March 31, by Windsor Locks Police.

The drugs were packaged for distribution and sale, police said. Evidence of a drug factory and paraphernalia were also found and seized from the home.  

Subsequent Investigations Resulted in Additional Drug Seizures

Windsor Locks Detectives took control of the investigation and later that same morning initiated a second investigation. Four pounds of marijuana were seized, police said.

A third investigation took place on Thursday, March 27, involving the seizure of 60 bags of heroin. A fourth investigation occurred on Friday, March 28, and involved the seizure of 2.4 lbs. of marijuana and one vehicle.

The investigation is ongoing.

Kelly Clark April 01, 2014 at 08:26 AM
Now if the East Windsor cops can get rid of our resident drug dealer Michael Resto we will be heading in the right direction.
Michael April 01, 2014 at 12:39 PM
Listen Kelly Clark you seem to have this Restos name in your mouth every time there is a drug article. Listen you low life PC of scum didn't you say you kids buys drugs in the last article? How about you keep your trap off the blogs and pay more attention to your kids that are buying drugs!! Bad parenting because your son is prob buying drugs right now as we speak while you sit your lazy ass on the computer all day eating popcorn. When is the last time you heard Resto was selling anything lol why because he got caught with a little weed he's the ten drug dealer. Listen trash I think you should be worried about all the other drug dealers in this town. Mike is no drug dealer. Maybe you should worry about the ppl selling heroine in this town and all the little kids over dosing on the shit. What's the worse that happens? You smoke a little pot and you eat the fridge maybe you should take the tampon out your vag and smoke yourself... You seem a little up tight. I think the cops have bigger fish to fry other then taking care of a little bit of weed on the streets as there making the shit legal here. And when was Michael ever convicted of selling anything? Never! So fall back into your trailer park you trashy PC of shit.
Kelly Clark April 01, 2014 at 03:08 PM
Michael April 01, 2014 at 03:10 PM
Omg a year an a half ago he got caught with some weed at a gas station big deal just as if your son was to buy some and get pulled over with it lol
Michael April 01, 2014 at 03:11 PM
And would love to really know who your son is that was buying the shit


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