What's to Like About East Windsor?

We're curious about your feelings on where you live and/or work.


At the suggestion of a local leader, we’re asking East Windsor residents and business owners what do you like about your town?

With a population of  11,162, according to the 2010 census, and a total area of 26.8 miles, East Windsor is located between Enfield, Ellington, South Windsor and Windsor Locks.  It is just east of the Connecticut River, and its three major roads are, I-91, Route 140 and Route 5.

Your town is made up of five villages; Broad Brook, Warehouse Point, Melrose, Windsorville and Scantic. It was founded in 16th century and incorporated in 1768.

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The East Windsor Public Schools system has about 1,600 students who attend , and . There are churches that date back to the 1700s.

While located near , East Windsor has its own general aviation airport, . Here is a list of the Top Ten Taxpayers.
The are numerous farms in town, an industrial park, shopping centers, and plans for commercial corridors on Routes 5 and 140.

Do you spend time in its parks, walk along the Scantic River or fish or boat in the Connecticut River? Are you a member of the numerous organizations in town?

Justina Cohen August 21, 2012 at 10:12 AM
Just an incident  last night of walking out of my own apartment to find two males acting inappropriate (sexually) on the grass off the side of where I live. Remind you on private property. Really everyone, open your eyes. Stop living in fantasy land that broad brook is such a great place. Ok we have a lot of nice attractions but quite frankly who wants to go to these attractions if all its surrounded by is a DUMP! Take the opera house for an example! If someone wants more information at what I may be talking about please don't hesitate to email me at justina.a.cohen@gmail.com
Alan Baker August 21, 2012 at 12:40 PM
East Windsor has some great features - the new hiking trail in the Scantic River State Park is a beautiful example. I think the biggest asset the town has though are it's people. In the past 25 years of raising my family here I have always been impressed by the amount of people who put community before politics and work together to improve things for everyone. Every town has it's issues, but what makes a town great is the people who work together to find solutions to those issues.
Larry Smith August 21, 2012 at 01:21 PM
I just deleted an inappropriate comment. Let's be careful about the language used in this thread or it will closed.
Jim Richards August 21, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Why do I like East Windsor?? East Windsor is a Town where You there is all kinds of Shopping from Small Intimate Stores to The Big Chains, Dine Fast Food or 5 Star Cusine & Even see a Top Notch Play Or Musical. East Windsor Where Businesses can Thrive & Grow ( Defined Business Corridors as well as decent property taxes). East Windsor Where there are Fields for Playing Ball or just laying In and Counting Clouds. East Windsor Where Outdoor activities include Canoeing to Hiking trails or just swimming at the Local East Windsor Park. East Windsor Where History is remembered and being perserved. East Windsor where the Local Goverment is working toward Better Solutions for All it's Stakeholders. East Windsor is Small Town America with Values that made Our Country Great . But the Best reason I can give why I like East Windsor is a Simple One - East Windsor is Home.
Jessica August 23, 2012 at 08:26 PM
I've lived in Broad Brook all my life and I absolutely love my town. I love that Main Street is the quintissential small town road with the fire house and siren, the post office, schools, stores, entertainment, and much more. I do have to agree though, that much is changing that the police department is not being offered the resources necessary to deal with the increasing crime issues. Stabbings on Church Street, rampant drug dealing/use, domestic issues, drunk driving, etc, etc, etc. And while Mill Pond has been cited as a primary cause, it's an excuse. Criminal activity is taking place all over town. Currently, the town doesn't feel like a community. It feels like a collection of houses. Increased police presence with community policing resources, increased activites within the school, and an atmosphere of renewal would be a wonderful start. Instead of glossing over the problems with the town, actually promote the positives, identify the negatives, and work together to improve. Then perhaps when I walk down the street, it'll be as it was 15 years ago.. where I said hi to the neighbors I knew, waved to those that drove by, and found enjoyment in the setting that was peaceful and simple.


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