New Year’s Resolutions

Setting family goals for 2012.

Well, it’s that time of year, time for New Year’s resolutions. I don’t usually make a big deal of resolutions, but I do think about them.

This year, I thought we’d talk about it as a family and each come up with a couple goals for this year.

My daughter, 8, said she wants to make a goal in soccer this year, learn to tie her shoes (which she has almost mastered) and improve her cursive writing. She also wants to learn to ride her two-wheeler without training wheels. Last summer she was more focused on her scooter, she got a new bike but only rode it a few times.

My son, who just turned 3 last week, heard the talk about a bike and said he wants to ride a two-wheeler with a horn. Our goals for him are completing potty training and getting ready for preschool in the fall.

My daughter came up with one for my husband _ to get a hole in one. He is a 6-handicap golfer, so this actually has been a goal of his since he was about 13 or so. Maybe this year will be his year!

My husband said one of his goals is to find a more rewarding job, which is a pretty big goal at this point.

Personally, I do have some of the usual things _ like exercise more. I’d like to try to walk at least a few times a week and build on that.

I want to play my bassoon more, I played in high school and college and last year was part of a community band. I’d like to do that again and maybe look into another group or take lessons.

I’m still working on getting organized. I have talked about this before, but it is still a work in progress. Right now, there are more than 300 e-mails in my inbox, I just never take the time to go through and delete and file them.

 I try to delete spam ones as soon as they come in, but there are days that doesn’t happen. I get multiple e-vites from MOMS Club, e-mails about Girl Scouts, freelance work and more. I have debated using another e-mail more regularly, but I am afraid then I would just have even more to sort through.

One of our family goals is to look into a new house. We may not be in one by next year, but hopefully we will be on our way to finding a slightly bigger place, so each of the kids can have their own room.

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