Is the Pepsi MAX Ad With Jeff Gordon Funny? Dancing Classes in East Windsor, Book Sale

Here are five things going on in the Windsor Locks and East Windsor areas today.

Good morning, Windsor Locks and East Windsor! Today is Thursday, March 14, 2013; there are 292 days left in the year.

Hey guys, check out this guerrilla ad by Pepsi in which Jeff Gordon disguises himself and takes a (supposedly) unsuspecting used car salesman for a joy ride.

At first, I laughed at it.

Maybe I’m being a nervous nellie, but if that video is real, is anyone like me and worrying that the guy could have a heart attack? What would happen then?

Again, maybe I’m just being a stick in the mud. But there is a fine line between fun and dangerous, and I’m not talking about whether Gordon would lose control of the car.

Here’s your Daily 5:

1. Uh oh. Okay, yesterday's "Hello Spring" was a little premature, and it may have jinxed us all as well. Feel free to send all your blame this way because today's forecast has us plunging back down to the depths of a mid-winter day with a high just above freezing and a low settling around 20ºF. The bright side? No precipitation is forecast.

2. The Warehouse Point Library is in need. The Friends of the Library is seeking volunteers, donations, anything you have to help improve the library, its materials and patron experience. Donations can be dropped off at the library. Volunteers should e-mail the Friends at friends.warehousepoint@gmail.com.

3. The New England Regional Chili Cook Off is calling all chili cooks to register now. The 2013 festival and competition in the heart of Somers is accepting participants. Those interested should contact Michael Freedman by e-mailing madmike@chilict.com or visit www.chilict.com.

4. It's a day for dancing — just take your pick. There's youth breakdancing classes or adult beginner tap classes at East Windsor's Rhythms Dance Academy. There's also youth ballroom dance classes in South Windsor's Fred Astaire Dance Studio.

5. Looking for a good workout? You may not need look any further than the Windsor Fit Club workout this morning. With a class led by a P90x-certified trainer, just writing this event description is making me break out in a sweat.

Danny T March 19, 2013 at 04:27 PM
Don't be so critical! Find humor in your life. It'S FUNNY! As a used car salesman i love this comercial! I always go along with the test drives. I would say 80% of the customers ask me if it's ok to punch the gas. I look at them and make sure their not Jeff Gordon and I say Yes!


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