Year-End 'That’s What She Said' Favorites

Sit back in your elastic pants, eat another piece of toffee and read a few of my favorite Patch columns of 2011. Have the kids (or an extended-stay house guest) grab a fresh cup of coffee for you. After the week you’ve had, you certainly deserve it.

As I look around the living room on Christmas afternoon, tape from presents sticks to socks, the dog sleeps with a yuletide rawhide, kids scatter to play with new gifts and relatives echo on speakerphone. 

As chaotic and frustrating as the holidays pose, I wouldn’t change a thing. What makes us grit our teeth and roll our eyes eventually makes a funny story. Think of the conflicts thrown your way.  Embrace them, look upon them and laugh. These trials and tribulations are what make life interesting and fun.

Whether your mother poked a whole in your muffler or you’ve been forced to sincerely question the loading tactics of an aging dishwasher, be grateful your life isn’t predictable. Thank you and Happy New Year!  

Find your funny-bone and a bucket of chicken, all at your local Wal-Mart.

As I poked around town, I couldn’t help but notice and appreciate what makes Suffield so desirable. The beauty, the quirky things we overlook, the variety of personalities and the tastiest panini in town.

Your grade school teacher: few were influential; some were cold-hearted and others were freakishly memorable. I still think of mine with admiration and humor.

“Be good to people.” A four-word phrase embroidered on a T-shirt consistently reminds me to think of others before I pounce. The idea is simple and it's attainable by acts of kindness.

Hearing “Do you have ID?” is no longer flattering. It’s ridiculous.

Danna Gauntner December 26, 2011 at 01:43 PM
Thank you Cami for all your stories! "That's What She Said" is such a gift! Happy New Year!
Christine December 26, 2011 at 11:36 PM
Cami--all of your columns have been terrific! It has been my favorite way to start my week for months now! Thank you for taking your heart and mind to the pen and giving us all something(s) to think about:)


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