Tell Us: Is Sound-Proofing Necessary for Homes in Bradley Flight Path?

The latest information released about the noise associated aircraft landing and taking off from Bradley International Airport says that it's decreased significantly, but many residents strongly disagree.

New information about just how noisy is it at the homes in the Bradley International Airport flight path was released Wednesday and many Windsor Locks residents are none too pleased with the results.

Advances in technology and changes to flight operations mean that over the past five years the noise level associated with the aircraft that land and depart from Bradley has sharply decreased, according to Alan Hass, an acoustical consultant who worked on the revised Noise Exposure Map of the area.

However, those who live in the flight patch said just because there are fewer flights doesn't mean there is less noise, just that it is less frequent.

At an informational meeting Wednesday night at the New England Air Museum, residents said that planes are close enough so that they can clearly see the pilots the cockpit, regardless of whether you live in the diminished area identified on the new map.

Several of the homeowners complained that they had waited somewhat patiently for years for it to be their turn to receive federal financial assistance to insulate their homes or install new windows and doors to cut down on the noise, only to be told Wednesday that they were no longer on the list.

In comments after the meeting, on Facebook and on the Windsor Locks-East Windsor Patch site, some suggested that the Federal Aviation Association should at least stick with the plan that was in place in 2008 to be fair to property owners who have postponed completing the soundproofing as they waited.

Our question is this, just how noisy is it at your house? You don't have to go out and buy fancy equipment to give us the details, just use layman's terms. Is it as resident Mary Roberge described it, "so loud it can wake you up. It's stop-on-the-phone-and-wait-until-it-passes kind of loud." Or is it a mere inconvenience when a plane passes overhead?


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