Tell Us: How Did You Spend February Break?

What did you do to stay occupied, or keep the kids from going stir-crazy, during February break this year? Share your adventures in the comment section below.

Local museums offered discounted daily passes or scheduled special programs. There was still enough snow for sledding and igloo creations, even though it wasn't cold enough to keep the ice on the ponds safe for skating. The lines at the Red Boxes were five or six people deep as parents and students borrowed their movies.

February break might have been a bit shorter than normal, or maybe you had the full week off, either way there's a pretty good chance you had something planned for this week.

If it didn't involve movies, sledding or climbing in and out of airplanes, maybe you were able to slip in a quick last minute getaway. Local travel agents Graham and Nicki Hird of Copper Travels Co. in Enfield had offered these tips if you were one of the lucky ones to escape the weather for a warmer climate.

So how did you spend your February break? Share you travel adventures or your own tips in the comment section below. Have pictures you'd like to share? Add them to the article in the photo section above.



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