Leaders of Connecticut Small Towns: Keep the Car Tax

Officials from local communities will go to Hartford today to testify against Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's proposal to eliminate the car tax. They say the plan will force them to raise other local taxes.

Already concerned about leaders of small towns from across Connecticut will be in Hartford today to testify against the governor's request to eliminate local car taxes.

In Windsor Locks, that plan would cost the town nearly $5.1 million annually, and in East Windsor the town would lose nearly $2.2 million in tax revenue, according to figures drafted by the state's Office of Fiscal Analysis. 

Malloy has offered the plan as tax relief for the middle class, arguing that car taxes don't provide as much local revenue as officials believe because it is difficult and costly to collect, according to a report on the website CT News Junkie.

But local officials complain that Malloy's proposal would put a serious dent in their budgets, costing some towns millions of dollars annually, revenue that will have to be made up by raising local taxes on other business property and real estate.

The proposal, which is being aired today in a hearing befor the legislature's Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee, would leaver her community "no other option but to raise property taxes on business and homeowners,” Somers First Selectwoman Lisa Pellegrini told Ct News Junkie.

Spiff March 04, 2013 at 08:06 PM
"Tax relief for the middle class"? Dan Malloy is ONCE AGAIN demonstrating that he is a liar and a charlatan. Normally, I am in favor of a reduction in taxes, but not if it is going to cause other taxes to go up. This is another one of Dan Malloy's numerous bad ideas. I am afraid that this guy will never learn what is good for the people of CT. He needs to be removed from office ASAP!
Marilyn March 05, 2013 at 04:14 AM
Agree with you on the "remove part", Spiff, and no, he sure doesn't seem to get what's good for people here. But, since our town is also getting a Super Walmart as one of the 'new' business's, the town ought to be making up a lot of taxes on that. I'm in East Windsor. Taxes seem to go up, town by town each year, so they'll go up again, regardless of whether there's a car tax or not. I'm also usually in favor of tax reduction, Spiff, though I can't see this one getting passed. The people that would most benefit from the removal of this tax, aren't the middle class, but the rich, who have real luxury cars, you know, the kinds I've never ridden in? If they removed the tax on our over ten year old car, we wouldn't be saving even half of what the groceries have gone up in a month. Where's the logic in this idea?


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