'Fly Fishing in CT' Guides Those New to Sport

Anglers will learn everything they need to know about Connecticut’s world-class trout hatcheries and stocking programs, and how to distinguish between different types of trout.

A new book published by , "Fly Fishing in Connecticut" by Kevin Murphy, is a guide to those new to the sport. Murphy covers what gear is necessary and gives advice on how to become equipped to fish without breaking the bank.

Murphy explains how to properly use fishing gear and gives an overview of Connecticut's varied and fertile trout streams and rivers, including parks designated for beginners and trout management areas throughout the state.

The book has a glossary of terms for quick reference, a list of recommended lodges and campgrounds, and a chapter with time-honored recipes for cooking your catch.

Topics include Connecticut’s world-class trout hatcheries and stocking programs, and how to distinguish between brook, brown, and rainbow trout. Novice anglers will appreciate the instructions on the basics of fly fishing, including stream tactics, the habits and feeding preferences of trout, and casting techniques.

The book also provides tips on stream conservation, fly fishing etiquette, state regulations, and safety, as well as an overview of the unique history of trout management in Connecticut. 

Murphy is an independent historian and writer who lives in Rocky Hill and author of "Water for Hartford" and "Crowbar Governor."

The book has received some pretty impressive endorsements.

"Anyone fly fishing in Connecticut will profit by reading this book. It lists, in incredible detail, known and little known fishing places. Better still, there is a schedule of when to fish or avoid fishing certain streams and lakes. Murphy gives practical information about tackle and tactics. It’s a complete job," says Lefty Kreh, fly fishing guide, author, and America’s best-loved casting instructor.

"I’ve often waded into the ancient streams of Connecticut on a pristine summer or autumn day and thought, ‘This is trout heaven with a New England accent.’ Fly Fishing in Connecticut is the next best thing to landing a tiny mayfly on a promising riffle on one of the many promising streams of the Nutmeg State," says journalist Tom Brokaw.

Fly Fishing in Connecticut: A Guide for Beginners: $19.95, paperback, $9.99, eBook.


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